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Arthur Balian, DMD, is an accomplished dental care practitioner with over two decades of experience in a privately owned practice. He specializes in family-oriented dental care that will help you and your loved ones thrive. Preventive care and education are important aspects of long-term oral health, and Dr. Balian works to create trusting relationships with you and your family to deliver the best care possible. At Balian Family Dental, our patients are not just a number in our system. Dr. Balian gets to know his patients personally to provide the utmost level of patient-centered care. For children younger than seven, Dr. Balian works closely with Olga Restrepo, DMD, a pediatric specialist who is also fluent in Spanish! Together we can provide all the preventive and restorative care you and your children will need to maintain optimal oral health.

Our team uses effective communication to discuss at-home oral care, nutrition choices, and the importance of routine professional cleanings to help prevent decay and disease. Dr. Balian will review your medical history and medication usage regularly to stay up-to-date on any factors that may impact your dental health. Our patients are individuals and treatment plans will be catered to our patients' personal needs.

Balian Family Dental Sturbridge offers many options to help your smile shine and deliver natural-looking and beautiful results. From fillings and crowns to dental implant restorations, we strive to provide the most functional and aesthetic results in a gentle and caring manner.

Developing Lasting Relationships

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Your family makes up an essential part of our family, and our team is committed to developing lasting partnerships with everyone. This begins with a friendly environment where you feel welcome every time you visit. After a warm greeting, we will check your smile for changes or damage, identifying your immediate and long-term needs. For children ages seven and up, we encourage parents to join them during their yearly visits. We can provide great tips and advice on the best methods for keeping your child’s smile healthy throughout development.

For adults, biannual visits allow us to keep a close eye on changes to your smile. With advanced digital imaging and other diagnostic tools, we can ensure you receive proactive dental care when you need it, minimizing the need for extensive restorative care. In addition to preventive care, our team offers many cosmetic dental treatment options, ideal for keeping your smile beautiful throughout your lifetime. By using advanced dental technologies and trusted dental techniques, we partner with you to achieve lifelong healthy, beautiful smiles.

Dr. Balian will be the only dentist that you see at Balian Family Dental and that is one of the many benefits of being a part of a privately owned practice.  

Emergency Dental Care When You Need It

For adults and children alike, dental emergencies can happen at any time. Seeking immediate care for toothaches, avulsed or cracked teeth, and other dental issues are critical to keeping your dentition healthy and functional. At Balian Family Dental Sturbridge, we strive to accommodate emergency appointments within the same day whenever possible. For patients experiencing more advanced dental emergencies, we work with a network of specialists throughout the area to ensure you receive prompt care as soon as possible.

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